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We are here to help you escape the norm and take your brand on a journey to new and exciting destinations with our Eventurers.

To us, it’s simple; people and their wellbeing matter.

We're going on an Eventure

Eventures are all about creating a memorable and meaningful connection with your consumers and that is where we come in.

We create, plan and execute footfall-driving events across a range of venues from retail to corporate including creative workshops, store launches and technology demonstrations.

From brand ambassadors to stage managers to field marketing experts, we work with a whole host of exceptional talent who are waiting to engage with you and your brand.

Do you want us to manage the entire process or be your personal staffing partner? We're able to have as much or as little involvement as you desire.

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With our Eventurers

We call our people Eventurers because they are always prepared, they have a versatile approach, a great team spirit and they pay careful attention to the details.

We pride ourselves on our high standards and achieve this through our thorough recruitment process which involves face to face meetings and virtual video calls where we can really get to know our team. We have successfully recruited and retained a nationwide core team of excellence which we believe is down to our caring and rewarding nature.

We care about each individual Eventurer. We take time to understand their strengths and provide opportunities to progress. We love to see our people grow and we provide a supportive environment to do so. Taking the time to understand our people, places us in the perfect position to determine who is best suited to your brief and who is able to best convey your message to your consumers.

We reward our Eventurers. We pay well and always within 7-14 days. Above that, each month we discuss who has been our shining star, who has gone above and beyond and really stood out to us. We have previously offered a range of rewards from local coffee shop vouchers to immersive exercise classes with a live band. We believe that hard work should be recognised and that is no different when it comes to our Eventurers.

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